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Morphlabs Costume Wizards - Michael Passaretti

Michael Passaretti is a California based artist and designer. He has worked as a commercial artist, designer and custom painter for 15 years. He has received awards for his fine art, his custom airbrush work, his special makeup effects, and for his costume making.

In Mike’s own words:

"I have used the airbrush since I was a kid, and I found out I could make money with my art from a young age. The airbrush has always been my tool of choice, and even though I often work digitally now, it’s nice to have that as a background. There is a satisfaction in creating or building something that no one has seen before."

"I have always been fascinated by creatures and fantasy. I like to impress people with my work. Making something that wows people is really what inspires me. To keep the ideas and the inspiration alive, I like to collect photos and images that spark my creativity. There are so many ideas out there, and it’s nice to share and see what other artists have come up with. It’s hard to admit to myself, but I have more ideas for projects than I will ever have time to accomplish, so it’s best to pick the one that you are most interested in at the time. Many artists like myself try to be perfectionists. It’s hard to finish a project when you know you can always do better. Sometimes the hardest thing is just to know when to call it good enough. I expect myself to come up with something better and better every time. It’s satisfying to know that I learn from each project so I can make each one better".