Halloween Costumes

  • Mens


    We double dare you to… be a legend

    Do you want to be the bloke everyone talks about long after the Halloween party is over, but this time for all the right reasons? Costume like you mean it, dude. Cool, freaky or downright terrifying – we’ve got your back.
  • Womens


    We double dare you to… be original

    Ladies, we’ve got some awesome creepy costumes, plus all the sexy classics, but why not really go down in history this Halloween? Don’t be afraid to try something totally grotesque, completely bizarre, or utterly hilarious – be whoever you want to be. 
  • Kids


    We double dare you to… scare all the grownups

    Kids, Halloween is the best time of year to annoy everyone around you – fact. Choose the scariest costume you can find (we have loads of ‘em) and start spooking your family, friends, neighbours, and – best of all – your teachers! Muahahahaha… 
  • Inspiration

  • Zombies


    We double dare you to… hug every other zombie you see

    A zombie apocalypse can hit anywhere – so zombies come in pretty much every form. That explains why the zombie policeman, doctor and solider are giving us serious #friendshipgoals. Find a dead good zombie costume here.
  • Vampires


    We double dare you to… freak out whenever you walk into a beam of light

    Bloody hell, these vampire costumes aren’t for the faint-hearted. Did you even look in the mirror before you came out this Halloween? Nice cloak, by the way. Not much of a talker, are you? Why are you staring at my neck like that?
  • Masks


    We double dare you to… greet a random person as if you know them, then run away

    You never know who you might bump into on Halloween. No, literally, you often never know – these masks are too good. From creepy monsters to a range of animals, get morphing with the simplest costume ever.
  • Skeletons


    We double dare you to… tell everyone you meet that you have a bone to pick with them

    Got any skeletons in your closet? We have several – and they’re gonna be big this Halloween. We can feel it in our bones. The only problem is, you’ll have no body to dance with at the party. That tickled your funny bone, didn’t it!
  • Angels & Demons

    Angels & Demons

    We double dare you to… whisper good or evil thoughts into strangers’ ears

    Is your head in the clouds – or your mind in the gutter? Do you radiate innocence, or exude evil? Decide between hot and heavenly this Halloween, and dress up in everything from simple devil horns and angel wings to full-on velvet cloaks and white gowns.
  • Scary


    We double dare you to… stand at the end of a dark alley, waiting…

    Are you sick of all the ‘sexy’ costumes and miss the horror of Halloween? Great, because we have the creepiest selection of Halloween costumes! From creepy nuns, to killer clowns, we have something for every freaky fan. You really won’t want to see these costumes in the middle of the dance floor.
  • Werewolf


    We double dare you to… bark at every person in a cat costume you see

    The moon is full and we feel its effects… If you’ve been feeling your wild side recently, you may need to just let it out with a werewolf costume! Or if you just love dogs then a werewolf costume is good for you too. Now, go howl at the moon!

We double dare you to… create something horrifying

Some people just don’t feel themselves until they put their makeup on. Costumes work in the same way. Get creative with these colourful concoctions and transform into the creepiest of ghouls, the goriest of zombies and the palest of vampires.

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