Toy Green Soldiers - Saving Private Morph

Toy Green Soldiers - Saving Private Morph

Toy green soldiers, serious fun! If you are looking for the ultimate toy soldier costume, you've found it! 4 green soldiers reporting for duty. Their mission; to have a barrel load of fun on their way to party and then even more fun at the party where upon they deploy the secret weapon, 4 person dance manoeuvres know as the party cluster bomb.

Rumour has it that the FBI has banned footage of these manoeuvres. Don't worry Marine, if facepaint isn't for you add a Morph mask to your basket to take the hassle factor down. Whether you go for facepaint or no facepaint, as a one man SEAL team or a platoon of 10 brothers, lovers and mothers in arms. Basically this Toy Soldier costume is perfect for a uniform party and so are these other Uniform costumes!

  • Saving Private Morph

    Saving Private Morph


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  • Kids Green Toy Soldier Costume

    Kids Green Toy Soldier Costume


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  • Green MorphMask

    Green MorphMask


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